Cook County Court Service Deputies

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By Dan Mahoney, Attorney - Wednesday, August 16, 2017


“Fake news.” You hear about it every day. Fake news occurs when someone tries to advance their agenda by making fiction sound like fact. They figure if they say something loud enough, and often enough, people will actually believe the fiction.

You really can't blame the Teamsters for trying fake news. What do they have to lose? They don't stand a chance if they tell the truth about the FOP Labor Council's representation of Cook County Sheriff's Department members. They can't win a fair fight.

But would you rather base your professional, economic and personal future on fact or fiction? You have that choice. But you are entitled to know the truth, and the great thing about the truth is that it has evidence to support it. The truth is listed below, and we would be pleased to share the evidence with you to back it up.

  • The 30 days Injured On Duty provision is in FOP LC's current contract proposal.

  • Free parking for deputies is in the current FOP LC contract proposal. The FOP LC recently arbitrated the case for the deputies in front of Brian Reynolds, who made it clear that the Teamsters dropped the ball on the issue in 2011 when they didn't file anything to prevent the deputies from paying. Teamsters 700 represents clerks and juvenile detention officers, and both still pay for parking at Juvenile.

  • The current FOP LC contract proposal also includes the shift premium, maternity/paternity language, OPR language, Merit Board language, new hire language, and many other things that the Teamsters say we should be asking for. In addition, the Merit Board language has been worked on by all of the unions, not just the Teamsters.

  • Court Services hasn't given up any work to the Department of Corrections. The Teamsters gave the male lockup at Criminal Courts Building to the DOC in 2010 and the female lockup in 2012.

  • Nearly ten years ago the Teamsters let the Cook County Sheriff end the midnight shift at all but three facilities, Markham and Maywood 24-hour lockups and the County Building, although they are trying to lay the blame for this action on the FOP LC. Post 1 at the CCB has had a DOC officer since 2009.

  • The Teamsters allowed Board Chair Preckwinkle to try to change our pensions in 2014 by conducting a vote of the members, a vote that included both the DOC and Court Services, knowing full well the DOC out numbered us by three to one.

  • The FOP Labor Council has been our union for three years, since August 2014. They have arbitrated hundreds of cases, including more than 50 cases in the past 60 days using their 12 full-time attorneys, with none of the work getting farmed out. We haven't lost any language or fallen behind corrections, and are actually at most steps equal or above in pay.

  • The ARU discipline under the FOP LC is much better than the Teamsters. Teamsters members can get terminated at any step if they exceed 80 hours, but FOP LC members can't be terminated until we've reached the sixth step regardless of the amount of hours.

  • In the matter of politics, the FOP Labor Council did not endorse Donald Trump for President. But Teamsters 700 donated $5,000.00 to Preckwinkle in March 2017 right before the sweetened beverage tax went into affect.

  • The bylaws were put to a full membership vote, and the Chief and Assistant Chief Steward are part of the bylaws formulation and the voting procedure.

  • It is true that deputy staffing has gone from 1,109 to 989 since 2014. However, this is because of the deal between the Teamsters and the Sheriff regarding the CO to DS class instead of hiring candidates off of the street.

  • Regarding IROCC HR218, the FOP LC has been to every hearing from the Daley Center to Federal Court and has had talks with the attorney handling it, offering to help in an way possible.

Of course, these are just the highlights. But it's important that you have all of the facts at hand before making any decision.

So the choice is up to you – fact or fiction. Choose carefully, because your future, your family and your colleagues are counting on you doing the right thing.